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  • How Do Online Payments Work?
    Start by clicking the membership option above. Your selection will direct you to payment options where you can enter credit card info or log in with your already existing payment information. Payments can be made in full or broken out over twelve months.
  • How Does This Help The Course?
    By setting up your reoccuring membership payments, the course can better plan for future improvements to the course! It also makes accepting payments easier for the volunteers running your course.
  • How Does This Help Me?
    For one, this gives you another way to pay the golf course for your membership. This solution also allows you to break your payments out by month, rather than paying for your membership all at once.
  • Can I Cancel My Membership At Anytime?
    You can cancel your membership at anytime, however, by signing up for a membership you are responsible for paying that membership fee in full (i.e. if you cancel your membership in September and have not paid for your membership in full, the balance for the remainder will be due by the end of the year).
  • How Much Does It Cost To Play?
    $20 cash or check in the honor box by the first tee. $21.30 to pay online via with convenience fees included.
  • Are There Carts Available?
    There are no carts available for rent. However, if you require a cart to play, we'd be happy to help. Contact us at the number listed below and we should be able to set you up with one!
  • What If I Don't Have Cash?
    That's what this site is for! Click "Pay Your Green Fees Online" on the homescreen and you're set! Hit 'em straight!
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